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We highly recommend Christopher Glenn Photography. Christopher was amazing to work with and was extremely professional, yet caring and hilarious not to mention. My husband hates to take pictures and was dreading the "photo frenzy" for our wedding, but thanks to Christopher, he made the experience fun and at the end, Brad was ready to take more and saying "That's it?". The pictures he takes not only captures the moments you want to treasure forever, but makes you feel as is if you were there. I have gotten nothing but phenomenal compliments on our wedding pictures and album with many people saying that our wedding album is the best they have every seen. Thank you Christopher for making our special day so amazing and a day we will truly remember forever.

Kristy and Brad (Click to View Wedding )



Dear Christopher:

 We have had the pleasure of having you photograph the weddings of all three of our children. We are fortunate to be the parents of triplets ­ one boy and two girls. As we raised them, we were used to having them do just about everything at the same time ­ start kindergarten, learn how to drive a car, graduate from college, etc. So it wasn't a surprise that both our son and our daughters were all married within a 2 1/2 year period. We were so impressed with you ­ both as a professional photographer and as a person ­ the first time you photographed our son Adam's wedding in August of 2001 -  that we never thought of hiring any other photographer for our daughters Mindy's and Elyse's  weddings which followed in August of 2003 and March of 2004.

 The time and care you take in putting together and photographing each and every moment in a wedding day is incredible. From the moment the bride and groom begin to get ready for their special day, to the last dance of the wedding reception, you are there. You are an exceptional photographer and you put every ounce of energy and creativity into your work. No matter what venue we chose for each wedding, you always found the most beautiful backgrounds and unique settings in which to photograph the bride and groom, bridal party, and parents and siblings. I don't think I ever have seen you stand still ­ at least not for very long ­ and you always kept us laughing and entertained while we were posing. Additionally, you were extremely easy to work with and always had something funny and interesting to say.

 Most important, you truly captured the love, happiness, warmth and fun of all three of our weddings ­ from the ceremonies to the receptions. I have always been amazed and impressed at how you could pick out certain candid moments during each of the weddings and capture them in your photos, making them so memorable. Some of the candids you took from the weddings are classics! And you made us all look so pretty and handsome in all of the posed photos!

 I am almost sorry (I said ALMOST) that I have no more weddings to make, but I know many people who still have weddings for their children to look forward to, and of course they already know from me that by hiring you as their photographer, they will have the best, and they will always be able to have the most important and memorable moments of their weddings in pictures.

 I always tell people that picking a great photographer is one of the most important, if not THE most important decision they can make in planning a wedding. Because after the celebration ends, all you have left are your memories AND the pictures. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken out Adam's and Annemarie's and Mindy's and David's wedding albums and looked through the pictures to relive such beautiful evenings. I know I will be doing the same with Elyse's and Greg's.

Ron and I wish you and Dana continued success and happiness in your future endeavors, and I am certain our paths will cross again many times!

Best regards, Sue Levitt (Mother of 1 Groom & 2 Brides)  #2 Mindy and David #3 Elyse and Greg

Christopher, the pictures are unbelievable!!! I have gone through them 3 times already and I am blown away. They are awesome!!!! How does one ever choose? You really captured some unbelievable shots!!! I love them all.
Kristin is very anxious for me to send them to her but I'm not sure I can part with them.:) Thank you again for working so hard in capturing the memories for us!!

Lu Harris ( Mother of the bride) Kristen and Chris .(Click to View Wedding)

We loved Christopher Glenn Photography (and still do)! Christopher was our photographer, and he was so great to work with as we planned our wedding. He paid attention to our needs and wishes. The photos he took at our wedding were wonderful. He really captured our special day and our feelings for each other and for our family and friends. The photos were professional and yet very personal. In creating our wedding albums, Christopher was creative and spent a lot of time with us when we visited his studio to select the photos. The albums came out wonderful. We enjoy re-living our wedding day whenever we look at the wedding photos. Our family and friends have enjoyed looking at them, too. Thank you, Christopher and his staff, for being nice to us, our family and other professionals whom we engaged for the wedding and also for being reliable and very talented! We are so glad that we selected Christopher Glenn (after interviewing so many). We have found our family photographer in Christopher Glenn for our future special occasions.

With regards, Harumi and Rich Uyeno .(Click to View Wedding)

When we started planning our wedding, the decision about which photographer to use was one of the easiest. All of our closest friends had already used Christopher Glenn, so we had already met Christopher and loved his work. We are so happy with our decision ! The photographs of our wedding are beautiful and our book is a treasure ! Our sign-in portrait, with messages from all of our friends and family, hangs in the living room of our new home, and reminds us everyday of a very special time in our lives.

Christopher was easy to work with. He listened to what we wanted, made good suggestions, was professional, helpful and most importantly, he kept us laughing throughout the whole process. We needed that on our very hectic wedding day ! It just happened to be the hottest day of the year last August and we had a large wedding party. Christopher kept everyone going, got all the shots we wanted and didn't miss a thing. He got some great spontaneous moments ! He also managed to get terrific shots of my husband and I just being us. Finally, at one point during the reception, he hurried us out to the patio for one last shot. The sun was going down and he captured the sunset behind us. It is a beautiful shot that turned out to be the final page in our wedding album. It's one of our many favorites. We are so thankful to Christopher for capturing that day for us. He really did an amazing job !

Jose & Ali Medrano ..(Click to View Wedding)

Our wedding pictures are wonderful! Like everything else on your wedding day, you want your pictures to be perfect. So many people have commented on how beautiful our wedding pictures turned out and how great the
photographer's use of lighting is. In addition to great pictures, Christopher Glenn knew exactly what to do and when to do it. He made the picture-taking process go very smoothly. Christopher Glenn captured the beauty of the moment so we can enjoy it forever.

Joseph and Antoinette .(Click to View Wedding)

I don't think James or I could have imagined a more wonderful wedding. Thank you for helping us capture it. I look at our photos now and I am reminded of something you told us when we first sat down with you to discuss
the wedding. You said you'd learned over the years that no matter how beautiful the pictures might be, if the bride and groom see them and remember being uncomfortable or stiff or unhappy with the photographer they
will not be satisfied with the images. When I first saw the photographs you took for us I felt the emotions of the day returning in a very powerful way - the excitement, the look on James' face when we saw each other for the
first time, the overwhelming sense of the rightness of our union. You were so much fun and so easy to work with that when I look at the pictures we took together I can't help but smile. You have our sincerest gratitude, and we now have a record of this most important occasion that we can share with our children's children. Thank you.

(And Christopher, this is totally sincere. Thank you thank you for being so up-beat, even when I was late, even when the groomsmen kept taking off their flowers, even with my colorful family... we appreciate your professional
optimism. I hope never to get married again, but when James and I have another occasion to celebrate that warrants a photographer, we will look you up.)

Take care, and we'll see you soon to discuss our album!

Jenn and James Berry..


We highly recommend Christopher Glenn! We are more than happy to have had him as our wedding photographer. The photos were wonderful, and he was great to work with. We have received numerous compliments on our wedding album, especially the panorama picture of the inside of the church. We're so happy we chose Christopher Glenn for our wedding photography!

Kelly and Brian Moore .(Click to View Wedding)

Christopher Glenn Photography has an excellent reputation in the industry, every where we went we heard good things about the studio. We selected Christopher Glenn for our special day because we wanted to make sure our wedding pictures were the best! We love our album and recommend CGP to everyone!

Joann and Richard Castillo..(Click to View Wedding)