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   Laurel & Mario

 Stacy and Lorne

  Sloane and Evan

   Debbie and Mike

  Patricia and Mike

Tam and Garrett

  Allison and PJ

 Heidi and Arnold

  Nicole and Michael

 Allison and George

 Sheri and Sean

 Danielle and Louis

 Wendy and Andrew

 Yvette and Jose

   Michelle and Chris

   Lisa and Omar


 Katie and Steve

 Jocelyn and Swanwa

 Bryna and Steve

 Jennie and Johnny

 Anne and JC June

 Lara and David

 Dina and John

 Carrie and Matt

 Kimberly and Pat

 Monica and Tim

 Beverly and James

 Heather and Peter

 Stephanie and Tony

 Julie and Adam

 Jillian and Mike

 Jennifer and Kevin

Lisa and Tom

 Trista and Kristian

 Alexandra and Alex

 Leanne and Rick


 Jennifer and Douglas



Meghann and Charles
Valeri and Michael
Elaina and Aalok
Michelle and Zach
Yessenia and Jordan
Natalie and Lowell
Erin and Elliot
Becky and Erik
Anabel and Gabino
Hannah and Patrick
Gigi and Jeff
Kimshelley and Joe
Jennifer and David
Lexie and Marc
Rose and Shawn
Hyun Jin and Vince
Breanne and Jonathan
Kelly and Sean
Irene and Matthew
Jennifer and Todd
Masha and Ben
Lauren and Adam
Lety and Rob


Hallie and Josh
Jacquline and Kevin
Lauren and Erik
Giamaica and Steve
Nathalie and Alan
Amanda and Jeremy
Lauren and Ari
Amber and Daniel
Jessica and Bill
Tara and David
Olga and Adam
Kristin and Matthew
Patty and Craig
Margie and Robert